Invest in Mastery

Over the past months, I’ve been considering writing about high performant teams, but every time I sat to write something, I couldn’t help myself but think how big this topic is. So I decided to split it up and address them in different posts. The first topic, and the one that I find the most important, is mastery.

Implementing Raft's Leader Election in Rust

Consensus algorithms is a topic that always caught my attention: it is complex and hard and needs a precise and safe solution. In other words: We have a couple of machines forming a cluster, and they operate on identical copies of the same data and can continue operating even in the scenario of some servers being down. This approach is used to solve a bunch of problems in distributed systems.

Outstanding books from 2020

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, and for me, it was no different. Reading was one of the activities that brought me lots of fun and made me forget about everything that was out of my control. In total, I read 28 books in 2020, and in this blog post I list 5 of them, divided into 5 categories, that were outstanding in my eyes.